7 Qualities of the Best Exercise Dress

A high-quality exercise dress can lead to a better workout, helping to promote better circulation, increased endurance, and better muscle recovery. However, not all exercise dresses are created the same! In this article, we will walk you through the top 7 qualitites of the best exercise dress so you know how to spot the best ones when shopping!
1. Fabric
A lot of people think that gym wear made from cotton is good. However, it is quite the opposite as cotton tends to hold moisture instead of wicking it away. During a workout, you sweat more than usual which means that if you are wearing cotton, it will absorb all the sweat, and remain on contact with your body, causing skin irritation
Instead, go for dresses made from cotton, spandex and polyester blends, which are breathable, and wicks away the sweat instead of absorbing it.
2. Fit
One of the top seven qualities of the best exercise dress is a good fitting. Exercise dresses should be fit enough for your body to be able to make movements easily. Fitted clothing is said to increase blood flow in the body as well as lymphatic flow which can boost your gym performance as increased blood flow allows more oxygen to reach your muscles.
3. Seamless
Seamless gym wear is not only the current trend but it is also the most comfortable and suitable form of gym wear. They are essential for preventing chafing which happens a lot when doing vigorous exercise.
4. Built-in romper
The best exercise dresses have a built-in romper that helps keep your body properly concealed during exercising. Built-in rompers are said to make wearers feel more comfortable, too. And, when you feel comfortable during the workout, you will get better results!
5. Casual
When buying an exercise dress, try going for something that is casual and can be worn outside the gym as well. You don’t want to buy an outfit that can only be worn in the gym. It is better to buy a piece of clothing that is not only suitable for work-out but can also be worn on a casual outing.
6. Pockets
The best exercise dresses have pockets — 1 or 2 — that can be used to store things such as your keys, cell phone, credit card, etc. Pockets allow you to keep your belongings safe and secure during your workout without having to worry about them while working out.
7. Quality
It is important to check the stitching, durability, fabric, and sweat control factors to determine the quality of an exercise dress. The highest quality pieces will last you the longest!
With so many options out there, it may be a challenging task to choose an exercise dress. You should look for the one that has all the top 7 qualities of the best exercise dress and it will make it easy for you to decide from many options.
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