Hoodies: Style Your Winter Look

Most people love the winter season because they get to take their favorite hoodies out of the closet and wear them all day long! A huge advantage of the winter season is that hoodies do not look out of place at most places.


Going for lunch? Wear a hoodie! Going shopping? Just put on your hoodie! It not only keeps you warm but also does not make you look out of place. You barely need the effort to style it as it mostly looks great on its own!


When you hear the word hoodie, there is only one thing that comes to mind, right? The oversized, full-sleeved t-shirt with a hood. You would be surprised to know that hoodies come in different styles too rather than just the regular ones that most people are familiar with.


Different Types of Hoodies


Hoodies have several different types that can be styled in multiple ways. You can wear them as it is but if you are feeling experimental, keep reading to find out how you can wear it in a different way.




  1. The Basic Hoodies


These hoodies are the classic ones that are most commonly used by people around the world. They are comfortable, warm, and require almost no effort to pull off. You can pair them with jeans, sweatpants, leggings, pajamas, or anything appropriate depending on what you’re doing and where you’re going.


  1. Cropped Hoodie


The cropped hoodie has more to do with fashion and less with keeping you warm. It does keep you warm, but since it is cropped, i.e. slightly above the belly, it is not the perfect outfit to wear when it is really cold outside.


However, if you are stepping out in weather that is not too cold, you can pair a cropped hoodie with some denim shorts or mom jeans that will definitely make some heads turn!





  1. Zip-up Hoodies


These hoodies look like a jacket because they have a zipper in the middle, but unlike a jacket, they have a hood attached which is why they are classified as hoodies. Zipper hoodies are great to be worn over a t-shirt or any other kind of top that you like to wear.


They serve the purpose of keeping you warm and looking stylish at the same time and that is the ultimate win-win! You can even wear it on its own if you are going for a casual day out and do not want to wear too many clothes.




  1. SweatshirtHoodie 


There is also the hoodie that looks completely like a sweatshirt but has a hood which makes it part of the hoodie family. Many people like to wear it when it's slightly cold outside and they want to go run some errands.


They look perfect with matching or combination color sweatpants, which will together give you a very comfortable and casual look for any activity, such as running errands. People usually prefer to buy this hoodie in black, grey or white as the colors look good on most people.



Deciding Your Style


Many people wonder what kind of hoodie they should invest in when they want to purchase one. There is no definitive answer of which one should buy but rather, it depends on a person’s taste, comfort, and budget.


The most important thing out of all these is the comfort because without it, the whole point of investing in a hoodie takes a back seat. Any kind of hoodie in which you feel comfortable and it looks and feels like something you would wear, ensures it will be the perfect hoodie for you.


Another factor to consider when deciding which hoodie to buy is the taste factor which includes colors, current trends, etc. If you are very interested in following fashion and what is hot and what is not in the current time, you may want to take a minute to decide which one best matches your taste and current fashion trends.


Another important factor is keeping a budget. If you are someone who has to be very careful about where you spend, then giving yourself a price limit is crucial to ensure you do not overspend.




There is no right or wrong hoodie. If something suits you and you like it, you should invest your money in it. The different kinds are there just to provide a variety of choices for customers so if one thing does not suit or look good on an individual, they can choose to get something else instead.


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