How To Stretch After Exercise—5 Effective Stretches to Do After Workout

When your whole body is aching, and you are drenched in sweat after a workout, the last thing you want to do is stretch. Stretching after a tiresome exercise may seem like an unnecessary thing to do, but it is a crucial part of your daily workout routine.


According to a recent study, stretching after a strength training routine can help reduce muscle pain and back pain.
Stretching can help your muscles and body recover after a workout and significantly increase your joints' flexibility. Furthermore, daily stretching can lead to better blood circulation in your body. We have listed down 5 of our favorite post-workout stretches to help you give a little extra love to your body. So, here are the steps of how to stretch after exercise!
1. Hamstring Stretch
In almost all types of exercises, leg movements play an essential role. You can do a hamstring stretch after your daily workout to relieve tension in your leg muscles, especially after a long cardio routine.
To do a hamstring stretch:
Lie flat on your back and raise your right leg.
Place both your hands on your inner thigh and hold the position.
Keep your left leg bent, with the sole of your feet on the ground, and stretch your right leg slowly towards your face.
Repeat the same process with your left leg.
2. Thigh Stretch
A thigh stretch is good for relieving tension in your thigh muscles. It helps with lower back pain and increases joint flexibility.
To do a thigh stretch:
Lie on your right side.
Bent your knee and grab the front of your right foot.
Slowly start to pull your heel towards your left hip.
Make sure that both your knees are in touch.
Repeat this with your left leg.
3. Wrist Extensor Stretch
The next power stretch on how to stretch after exercise is wrist extensor stretch. If your workout routine is mainly comprised of planks, pushups, or other boot camp exercises, a nice and easy wrist stretch can help increase mobility in your wrists and provide recovery in arm muscles.
To do a wrist stretch:
Extend your right arm with your palm down.
Bend your wrist, making your hand point to the ground.
With the help of your other hand, bend your wrist further until you feel a significant stretch in your Aram.
Repeat with the left wrist.
4. Side Stretch
Side stretches are excellent to strengthen your intercostal muscles (muscles between the ribs and abdomen). This stretch is particularly very beneficial after core exercises.
To do a side stretch:
Sit on a yoga mat and extend your right leg.
Bend your left leg such that the side of your foot is on the floor and the rest is in the air.
With your right hand, hold your left leg just above the ankle.
Extend your left hand in the air and stretch it towards the right of your body.
Repeat this with your left leg and right arm.
5. Calf Stretch
Activities like swimming or cycling can cause your calves to tighten. Calf stretch can help reduce tightness and pain in the calves, often resulting from overuse.
To do a calf stretch:
Step one of your legs forward, bend it slightly and lean forward.
Make sure that your keep your other leg straight.
Repeat the process with your other leg.

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