Top 6 Qualities of the Best Sports Bra

Shopping for sports bras might be a tricky task as they are a bit different from everyday bras. They should provide maximum protection and prevent excessive motion during fitness activities, providing you comfort and ease. Now you might be thinking, how would you know which sports bra is the best for you and what qualities you should look for? So, to help you with this, these are the top 6 qualities of the best sports bra that you should look for while shopping for a sports bra.
1. Support
The best sports bra is the one that provides the maximum support according to your activity and your cup size. It may be a bit tighter than your everyday bra so that the breasts don’t move much and lead you to pain while working out. But, it should not be too tight that it results in breathing difficulty and hinders the movements you need to perform. You should be able to fit two fingers between the straps and your body.
2. Straps
Look for the strap quality to determine the best sports bra, as it plays a vital role in creating a supportive environment. Wider and thicker straps provide more support in high-impact activities. Bras with adjustable straps are much better and more convenient than pullover bras that may lose their elasticity over time and lessen the support. They should be comfortable and secure, and not too tight nor loose that it slips off your shoulder.
3. Moisture-wicking fabric
The best sports bra should have the best quality fabric, which should always be moisture-wicking. Any exercise or sport will make you sweat, and this sweat, when trapped under your skin, can cause rashes on your breast and cause irritation to your skin. So, the fabric of the sports bra should ensure that it prevents the trapping of the moisture and wick it away, letting the air pass and keeping the body cool and dry.
4. Fit:
The perfect fit is the most important factor to look for in the best sports bra. No matter how good the fabric is or how comfortable the straps are, if the bra doesn’t fit you well, then it isn’t the best sports bra for you. You may feel the sports bra is tighter than your regular bras, but if it’s too tight that it compromises your breathing, then it’s not your size. And if there are wrinkles in the fabric, then it’s too large for you.
Check out this guide for finding your perfect sports bra size.
5. Durable and breathable material
Sports activities and exercises are aggressive, so the best sports bra has the quality of withstanding the stretches and retaining its elasticity for a long period of time. It also shouldn’t wear off or lose elasticity after being washed. And the other quality of a good sports bra is that it is made up of breathable material to prevent chafing and irritability. For this purpose, polyester is the recommended choice, and cotton fabrics are generally not recommended..
6. Style
It may be last on the list, but nonetheless an incredibly important factor: style and comfort go hand-in-hand. A good quality product should also look beautiful on you when you wear it. A stylish bra will make you feel good and keep you motivated during exercises. So, make sure the colors vibe with you and the style makes you feel cool and trendy.
So, these are the 6 qualities of the best sports bra that you should consider on your next trip shopping for sports bras.

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