Policy: Gift Card for a Future Order on Qualifying Orders over $100 and Placed between 06:30:00 EST Nov. 28th and 23:59:59 EST Nov. 30th 2021

1. Customers will receive a $38 gift card on orders with a total price of ALL products that is over $100 OR $80 on those over $200;
2. The gift card can only be applied on a future purchase;
3. 3,000 gift cards available on a first-come, first-served basis;
4. Each customer is eligible to receive only one gift card;
5. Customers having placed an order over $100 will receive a gift card via email or text message within 48 hours after the order is confirmed;
6. The gift card can be used on full-price goods only;
7. The gift card will be activated 21 days after the order is placed and will expire 30 days after the gift card is activated;
8. The gift card becomes invalid if any item in the initial qualifying order is returned and the order value is no longer above $100 or $200 (in the case the initial purchase is over $200, and after a return the order value is under $200 but over $100, a $38 gift card will be resent);
9. Return and/or exchanges will no longer be available for the initial qualifying order after the gift card is used.