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Fall 2022 Trend: Halara High-Waisted Denim Flare Legging
Oct 31, 2022

Flare leggings have become very popular in recent years due to the Y2K fashion comeback, WFH lifestyle and preference for athleisure styles. Halara was founded in 2020, and we knew more women and girls around the world want to wear clothing that makes them feel comfortable. We created basic staples you can wear everyday whether it's in the gym, at work or even for a fun night out with friends. Nowadays we have a lot of leggings in all shapes and sizes. Think of faux leather leggings, denim leggings and glitter leggings. This week, we want to talk about our iconic flare leggings and how to style them for the fall season. Now, let's get started.

flare leggings

What are flare leggings? Basically, it's a style of leggings that are designed to be wider around your ankle than at the top. Flare leggings are the best of both worlds: stylish and comfortable. We will probably continue with our WFH lifestyle (hey, we are not complaining at all!) so why wear uncomfortable jeans if you can also wear flare leggings, right? At the same time, we still want to feel and look good even if we have to do errands or go outside for a quick lunch, so those pajamas days are a bit too much. Flare leggings are the perfect #OOTD option because they create an extremely flattering effect for the legs that makes you look a little longer and look great with some classy ankle boots or wedges.

But before we're going to show you some of our fave picks, let's first do a quick throwback and see how flare leggings have evolved in the last few decades. Flare leggings are as old as the early 19th century when sailors wore bellbottom trousers because they were easy to fold up for jobs like sweeping the deck. The pattern later became part of the official Royal Navy uniform. In the late 1960s, flare pants became a fashionable item with the rise of sophistication. Everywhere young people started shopping at thrift and vintage stores, rejecting the expensive stores their parents went to. Soon, the flare design became one of the most popular style pants.
Flares went out of fashion in the '80s, but starting from the '90s to the mid-2000s, they got here again in a big way. Bells, flares, and shoe racks were everywhere. They were the desired legging style of fashionistas everywhere until 2006, while skinny leggings took over, seemingly in a single day.
That brings us to today. Some say the skinny leggings are officially over and the flare style is 'the' trend now thanks to the comeback of Y2K fashion. It's all about sexy low-waist pants, cute crop tops and classy flare designs. And yes, we couldn't have been happier with this trend, and have created an entire collection filled with flare leggings for you.

High Waisted Crossover Pocket Washed Stretchy Knit Denim Casual Super Flare Pants

These casual flare pants are made of denim textured fabric, making them a lookalike of a real pair of jeans. Featured with a v-shaped crossover design for a simple yet stylish touch that accentuates your curves perfectly and creates the illusion of an hourglass body shape. We have added two side and two back pockets for storing your essentials such as credit cards or other small items when you're on the go. Compared with uncomfortable jeans made of stiff denim, our flare pants have four-way stretch fabric that offers next-level comfort. You can easily move around and that's definitely one of the biggest pluspoints.

Now that you've found the perfect flare, here's all the outfit inspo you need to style them.

- Flared leggings and blazers are a classic set designed in a sophisticated style of heaven. You can't go wrong if you wear the combo with a simple top and ankle boots or some comfy sneakers. Usually, most women keep it simple and style it with a black blazer, but you can also opt for something more fun and edgy. Try out a different pattern or color - have fun and play with it.
- Crop tops are the most effortless, no-brainer pairing for flare leggings. Any crop top works with any denim wash. You can also add a blazer when the weather is too chilly.
- Here is an example of a perfect go-to work outfit. Just grab your favorite blouse, throw it on, and add some cute heeled shoes. Finally, grab your bag, and you're ready for the meeting! We definitely recommend tugging in your blouse to create a more casual look.
- Want to level up your look? Wear a long coat. We love this sophisticated look and it is also super easy to mix and match with other timeless pieces in your wardrobe. Neutral colors are always a good choice.
- Here's an even more dressed-up version of our flare legging outfit. Instead of a black tank and heels, rock a white button-down shirt and strapless heels with your lights. Add statement jewelry, and you're ready for a dinner date. Maybe it's a bit too chilly to wear a white shirt only so make sure you bring your favourite jacket or coat.
- Leather jacket is perfect for the fall season and creates this edgy, fierce look. You may additionally pair this appearance with a simple white tee for a more informal appearance. Any shoe works with this outfit - from sneakers to heels - but we prefer a pair of cool boots.
- Last but not least, the denim on denim trend. We're obsessed with this trend that always makes a comeback when falls starts. Wear a denim blouse or jacket with your denim lookalike legging and this is literally the perfect outfit for you whether it's at work, for a cute coffee date or a fun activity in the weekend. You can't go wrong with the denim on denim look.

Wow, this is already the end of our style article. We hope you have plenty of #OOTD inspiration to create the perfect fall look. Make sure you take a glimpse in our Halara app or site and check if you're eligible for some extra discounts. See you next time!