*Terms and Conditions of Halara's Gift Code

1. Term of this promotion: 00:00:00 EST Feb.12 2022 to 23:59:59 EST Feb.28th 2022.
2. 30% rebate for orders over USD 70 (rebate is valid for next orders). If there is a decimal point, round it up (e.g. $9.45 takes $10). It is divided into 3 codes, and each code rebates 10%, which can be used at any time within 3 months.
3. Only non-promotional items with actual payment of USD 70 can apply discount codes during the gift code activity.
4. Each consumer will receive three different codes and each gift code can only be used by one person once.
5. The gift code will be sent by email or by SMS 24 hours after the consumer confirms the payment.
6. During the write off period, the gift code can only be used for the full price product and cannot deduct the freight;
7. After the customer reaches USD 70, the rebate will issue three gift codes valid for 3 months. If they are not used within the validity period, the gift code will be deemed invalid;
8. If the refund amount is 0% - 33% of the original price, one code will be invalidated; if the refund amount is 33% - 66% of the original price, two codes will be invalidated; if the refund amount is more than 66% of the original paid price, three codes will be invalidated.
9. The rebate codes redeemed are non-returnable, if the return is not caused by product quality issue.
10. The promotion is available on thehalara.com, https://m.thehalara.com/.