*Terms and Conditions of Halara's Rebate Rave Gift Codes

1. Term of this promotion: 00:00:00 PST May.23rd 2022 to 23:59:59 PST May.30th 2022.
2. Receive 30% rebate gift codes for orders equal to/above USD 80(Memorial Order). The rebate is divided into three gift codes, and each gift code rebates 1/3 of the 30%. If there is a decimal point, we will round it up (e.g. $9.45 takes $10).
3. The gift codes will be sent out by email 24 hours after confirmed payment is made Each customer could participate in the promotion for more than one time, however the total amount of codes that a customer could receive during the promotion should not exceed USD 900 and each code should not exceed USD 300. E.g., an order over USD 3000 will only get 3 gift codes of USD 300/per code.
4. The rebate gift codes come in three, and each gift code can only be used once per order.
5. The rebate gift codes will take effect and be applicable 17 days after they are released, and valid for 90 days from taking effect. If they are not used within the valid period, the gift code will expire and be deemed invalid.
6. During the valid period, the gift codes can only be used for full price products and cannot be applied to shipping.
7. If the gift code has been used, for the exception of product quality issues, items ordered from the Memorial Day Rebate Rave period are not-returnable.
8. Regarding refunds for return items - if the refund amount is between 0% - 33% of the original price, one gift code will be invalidated. If the refund amount is between 33% - 66% of the original price, two gift codes will be invalidated. If the refund amount is more than 66% of the original paid price, all three gift codes will be invalidated.
9. The promotion is only available on thehalara.com, m.thehalara.com, and the Halara APP.
10. Halara reserves all rights to change these Terms & Conditions and will take effect immediately upon being posted.
11. Please note, Halara may suspend the service wholly or partially temporarily for technical reasons (including for maintenance purposes) without being liable to customers.
12. If you have any questions related to our Memorial Date Rebate Rave promotion or other services, please do not hesitate to contact us at service@halara.com.