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d a.

I really like the chic design and unique color. Other brands bras are comfortable as well, but they don't work well with many tank tops, and they are more expensive.

f s.

Once you find the one that fits, it's great. Really good support and really well made.

g s.

I've gotten a lot of good use out of these bras. I'd been using bras for years, which worked well enough but left me with a lot of chafe marks. I'd been using 2-3 regular sports bras, which were painful and uncomfortable. These bras don't give me that problem and also offer equivalent support.

G T.

I love this bra! I wear it as a daily bra as well because it is so comfortably supportive. I especially like it as a workout bra because of the over the shoulder bra straps.

h d.

This is the second Halara Bra that I've bought. The first one was lost and I immediately bought another. Because it was my favorite sports bra ever.