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Brigette E.

They’re high rise, but not “super” high rise.... unfortunately. I have been looking high and low for a pair of leggings that are a true super high rise. These are decent for the price, but I do wish the rise was about 1-2 inches taller, they’d greatly be something special!

Flora W.

I'm a figure skater and this pair of leggings are the perfect length! They are so comfy just like my lulus!!!

Diana Z.

I love these leggings! They're really comfortable, almost more comfortable than my lululemon pair of leggings. I wear these when I'm at home, when I don't want too much compression but still want to wear stretchable, breathable leggings. They fit true to size.

Karolina K.

I wear my leggins all the time (not only exercise time). Very happy with the 7/8 fit as a full length for a shorter person (163cm). The sizing was also spot on. I wear size 36 and size S is a perfect fit for me. I am planning to buy another pair in more exciting color.


I love these leggings, the only thing is when they’re stretched they can be slightly shiny. That can be confused for see through, but they aren’t! By far the comfiest and most flattering leggings I’ve ever worn and I am not disappointed.