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Christina M.

The Cloud9 leggings have me feeling like I am walking on air! They are so light, comfortable and stylish. I love wearing them for a good yoga flow or errand running. I have recommended them to all of my friends!

Genny M.

Why buy expensive workout gear when you can just buy Halara? Sooo happy that I saw this on my feed! Great quality with a great price point! Feels exactly like you are wearing clouds because of its softness and lightness. Squat proof plus the delivery was quick too! Will definitely order more.


I was skeptical of all the positive reviews...there were just too many to be true. But my leggings just came in and now I see why! They are so buttery soft and I loved working out in them! They stayed in place and moved with me. I ordered a medium and they fit perfectly. I am 55 and 125lbs for reference. I got the Playground moss and its a beautiful color! Just ordered 2 more pairs!

Lydia L.

Cloud9 has the right amount of tightness and comfort. One of my top choices when I do Pilates or jogging. I am 52 and XS and sometimes is difficult to find a legging that fits right in my size. Most of them are too long or too stretchy. Cloud 9 delivered. Iam also very pleased with the color I chose.

Amy H.

For my first purchase at Halara, I bought a pair of Cloud9 leggings and their longline sports bra. I am soo glad that both products exceeded my expectations. At first, I was a bit skeptical since Halara is a new brand and there werent many reviews to read. But woww the material for the leggings is so incredibly soft and breathable. They are the perfect leggings to wear when I do yoga and jog outside. They are also suitable for lounge wear at home, where I have been spending most of my time during this pandemic. Alsoo, can we talk about the amazing color section?! I love that so many unique colors are offered (as opposed to the usual black/white/gray). Def get yourself a pair of Cloud9 leggings!