The Best Butt-Lifting Leggings to Shape and Lift Your Booty

Activewear is becoming more popular for everyday wear.
Tights have become a wardrobe staple giving comfort and flexibility during workouts and day-to-day living.


But not every type of leggings does our curves justice. For example, stretchy fabrics, simplified styles, and varying compression rates may lead to flat hips. Fortunately, hip-lifting leggings have proven to be a surefire way to smooth imperfections and accentuate the effort you put into your butt-shaping workouts.

Today, there are a wide variety of hip-lifting leggings available.
A pair of leggings that fits perfectly and comfortably will make you feel beautiful, happy and confident.

Calf Push-Up HALARA Leggings
HALARA Hip Lift Leggings feature a high rise to fit the waist for a tighter look and enhance your hips. Our leggings sculpt your hips and thighs to make your figure look sexy. Use them for workout routines or to go shopping. Pair with underwear that fits so you're completely comfortable.

High Waist High Compression HALARA Fitness Leggings
Our Colombian leggings are high-waisted and reach your ribs. They are silicone elastic and don't slip on your skin. They compress your abs and thighs to give that slim look while accentuating your buttocks.

Our HALARA brand is available in all sizes, so no matter your body type, you can wear HALARA Hips Tights while working out, on the street, or at home.

Finding the Best Butt-Lifting Leggings

Select media with maximum compression level
Compression improves athletic performance and helps visually enhance body parts. Compression works especially well with plus-sized butt-lifting leggings to help tighten the butt and smooth out any unevenness. For maximum hip lift, choose a medium to high compression level to keep you tucked in and lifted.

Look for hip sculpting designs
Butt lifting Leggings While legging designs vary, butt-sculpting leggings have several features to provide a lift. For example, look for

leggings that accentuate the mid-seam and hips, whether with visible seams or design features like color, straps or pockets. In some hip-lifting leggings, the fabric may be thicker under the hips: these "folds" can compress the area under the hips, thereby lifting the hips.

Choose a high-waisted fit
Choosing a high-waisted style is a must. First, it ensures that the tights don't roll off during activity. Second, high-waisted tights with maximum compression levels help keep your stomach tight. Playing with proportions is a proven technique for accentuating the hips and visually lengthening the lower body.

High-waisted leggings sit just above your navel to support your tummy. Low-rise leggings are positioned below the belly button thereby reducing coverage and compression.

Check seam durability and transparency
Always demand quality when buying lifting leggings. Do a few squats and inspect the fabric for any sheer areas, gaps or rips in the seams especially in areas that are subject to a lot of movement and stretching (like the mid-seam in the hips).

Choose high-quality fabrics for a hip lift
HALARA continues to develop special high-quality fabrics to help lift the buttocks.

Remember, the most important feature of leggings is how they make you feel when worn. Prioritize comfort and choose the pair that give you confidence. Look at yourself in the mirror and ask a friend for her opinion about what looks good on you. I hope this guide will help you get the results you want right away, but if not, try another pair.

The Best Colombian Hip Lifting Leggings for a Beautiful Contoured Body

HALARA hip lifts are very popular because they can be worn with any outfit, whether a dress, skirt or pants. Just put them on. You don't need a belt. Workout or go out with these HALARA leggings. They shape your waist, hips, and midsection creating a beautiful silhouette for all body types.

High Waist Supplex Fabric HALARA butt lifting leggings. These HALARA hip lift leggings have an internal shaper that lifts the buttocks so they appear to be higher and in better shape. They're made from a softer fabric that's thicker and stretchier for a perfect fit. Skinny Colombian leggings help the figure look sexier. Our black Colombian push-up leggings have grey trim on the calf and are available in 4 styles.


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