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Play it My Way - Real Stories from Real People V2
Jul 26, 2022

Hello beautiful people!

My name is Genesis and I am a content creator. I mainly base my content on my weight loss journey but I sprinkle in some motivational content as well!! I used to be 200lbs so I know for myself how hard it is to get started on a weight loss journey. I am mid-sized and I decided to share my story with everyone because I noticed that in the fitness industry there was a lack of mid/plus-size women. I love fitness and taking care of my health, physically and mentally. I love to encourage everyone, especially women, that it's never too late to start chasing your dreams. In addition to my fitness lifestyle, I am also a full-time student pursuing my bachelors degree. I mention this because finding a balance in life can be hard but it is POSSIBLE. I have been able to connect with so many people through my posts. My deepest desire is to continue to inspire and motivate people on how you can achieve anything with the right mindset. When you make yourself your number ONE priority, the possibilities are ENDLESS.

I LOVE Halara!!! There is not one item that I have worn and did not like! Their sizing expands and fits great on my curvy body. The quality of the items speak for themselves! I think my favorite has to be their crossover skirts and leggings! They are SOOO comfy and so cute. I love wearing Halara to the gym! In addition, working with Halara has been a true pleasure!

Hope this message finds you well and remember to #playitmyway! 🤍 ✨ 💗