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found a dress that fits and makes me feel good !!!


I LOVE this dress I’m 5’2 & 189 pounds - for reference & is fits PERFECTLY my bra size is 34G so my breasts are most definitely on the bigger side and with the adjustable neck strap I can tie the dress to be as loose or tight as I like. I originally bought this dress as a gym dress but NO it looks way too classy and soo flattering it turned into being my new date night dress and what I love about it is the fact that I don’t have to wear a bra with these dresses which can get uncomfortable usually because my bras feel so tight due to my breast size so this dress is great and I also love how curvy it makes me look this dress is like wearing a body suit underneath an outfit but it being already built in!

Kathleen Schumann

okay y’all first off I am a little on the heavier size and I find it’s hard to find clothes I actually feel comfortable in and boost my self esteem but I found it in this dress! I love the way it fits perfectly without being too tight! I was even able to shoot my bow comfortably in this dress! will definitely buy more!


I kept seeing ads for this on Facebook and was super skeptical but eventually decided to order and I could not be happier! these dresses are so dang comfortable and cute I’m amazed and in love, will definitely buy again!


Absolutely perfect. I’m 5’2 190lbs and this dress fits me phenomenally. I love that it’s almost swimsuit material. I got mine in black and it is very versatile. I will be buying more of the dresses.